Thrive Careers Hub and Senate Group change care leaver Adam’s future

Posted on 26th November 2021

This story and video are based on an anonymous case study taken from Thrive. The name Adam has been used to cover the young person that this case study refers to.

Adam’s Story

Care leaver Adam first attended Thrive in October 2020 on his 18th birthday – an age whereby support workers are no longer required to provide daily support to the young adult in their care. Instead, the support worker hands over the young adult to the Liverpool Leaving Care team, where wrap-around support is reduced to 16 hours a year. Adam came from an affluent working-class family but was taken into care at a young age due to a breakdown in the family unit. Substance misuse, abuse and neglect are the underlying issues that contributed towards his move into care, resulting in long-lasting trauma. Due to these extreme personal circumstances, Adam’s support was extended.

Thrive Career Hub’s coffee shop is a dedicated safe space in Liverpool city centre where young people and their support workers can meet and discuss the things that matter most to them. During Adam’s visit, he was introduced to Thrive’s job coach Kerry where he revealed to her his dream job – an Electrician. 

Over the next four months, Thrive worked with Adam to identify a local employer in the Construction industry that could offer him guidance. Thrive connected Adam to Kiera, Managing Director at Senate Group, who was keen to mentor him after an initial meeting. Kiera was blown away by Adam’s drive and knowledge, his ambition was evident through his self-enrolment onto an Electrical college course without the backing of an employer or apprenticeship. 

In December, Adam disclosed to Thrive that he would be spending Christmas day alone as his flat was located in an area outside of Liverpool. Working with Senate and other partners, Thrive created a Christmas hamper for Adam that contained hygiene products, food, clothes and a drone. Thrive hoped that this kind gesture would put a smile on Adam’s face and offer him comfort throughout the Christmas period. Overwhelmed by the present Adam said. . .

“Thrive are kind-hearted people, willing to help others have a better start in life”.


In May 2021 Adams life changed for the better. Kiera felt Adam would make a good member of the team at Senate and informed Thrive that she would be offering him an Electrical Apprenticeship with guaranteed full-time employment at the end of it. Later that month Adam visited Thrive with his support worker to sign his contract, pick up his uniform and a warm coat that Senate had purchased for him. 

“Great news, thanks to our partnership with Thrive, we’ve offered Adam an apprenticeship. Having spent many years in the city’s care system, Adam cannot wait to get started on his dream of being an electrician”.

Senate Group

The Senate Group have continued to support Thrive and its young people in more ways than one. In January 2021 Senate announced that it would be funding Thrive’s coffee machine for its first year in service. So far, 753 support workers and young adults were provided with free hot drinks during their 1-1 intensive job search support meetings. Thrive is thankful to Senate as it’s bringing smiles to the faces of those who access its amenities, with many of its visitors commenting on Thrives infamous hot chocolates and the fact that other support facilities do not offer the same level of hospitality.

This is just one of many amazing stories told by the young people that come to Thrive in the hope of a better future. We believe that all young people have a right to live happy, safe and fulfilling lives.

Our Partners

Thrive is committed to working in collaboration with local partners and organisations and we would like to thank our partners below.