Supporting better mental health with First Person Project at Thrive

Posted on 15th May 2023

Over 18 months ago, Team Thrive made a commitment to strengthen wellbeing support for our young people at Thrive. As a team, we committed to:

  • Completing Mental Health First Aid training with Body and Mind First Aid as a team, equipping ourselves with the confidence to ask the right questions and increasing our knowledge to refer.
  • Working alongside organisations in the community to bring their wellbeing activity to Thrive. Most recently, Street League Liverpool have delivered yoga to young people at Thrive.
  • Working with partner organisations like Blackburne House and The Calm Charm to provide wraparound support, confidence building and counselling to our young people outside of our service, layered with our support.

Building on our commitment to support the wellbeing and mental health of young people in LCR, we are proud to announce the next stage in our partnership with First Person Project CIC.

First Person Project are an organisation completely designed to be socially focused and citizen-driven; placing people at the heart of all thing’s mental health in their own communities. Their founder, Matty Caine, comments:

We are extremely proud of our collaboration with Thrive. This project is about taking action to mental health at the most critical time. The Young People across our local communities are in need and deserving of quality mental health support, delivered with them and not to them, in a timely manner. There are a variety of complex socio-political issues impacting upon people’s ability to access professional mental health services, this is impacting upon rates of mental illness and, in the worst case, contributing to an increase of suicide. Our collaboration offers a specialist service, without excessive barriers or bureaucracy, and in a manner which takes the whole person, their story and surroundings into account. This approach helps to build the social wealth needed to ensure a lasting improvement for many years.

Funded by RISE Construction Framework, we have commissioned First Person Project to offer a mix of counselling, wellbeing support and coaching to improve the mental health of people accessing our service at Thrive. Together, we hope to reduce the impact of poor mental health across our young people, allowing them to lead more fulfilling, safer, happier lives.

Thank you to RISE for commissioning this valuable piece of work and all at First Person Project for jumping on board and engaging with our young people so fully.

Our Partners

Thrive is committed to working in collaboration with local partners and organisations and we would like to thank our partners below.